Thumb 94 t9v21 marijuana kayla late adult behavioral hd 00003

We discuss the behavioral health interventions needed to help Kayla abstain from marijuana in her late adult stage.

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Thumb 88 t9v9 mj kayla ad mat hd 2 1 00003

We will discuss the medications that can be used in Kayla's adolecent treatment of marijuana use disorder

Thumb t6v9 naltrexone mat treatment tobin late adult hd (1) 00003

We will discuss the utilization of naltrexone in Tobin while in his late adult stage with a focus on dosing, and general approach.

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Thumb 70 t6v7 addiction  vivitrol kayla early adult hd 00003

This lecture describes the use of Naltrexone in Kayla during her early adult stage

Thumb 68 t6v6 addiction behavioral health naltrex tobin early hd 00003

We review the behavioral health effects of Naltrexone on Tobin.

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Thumb 66 t11v1 therapy motivational interviewing  behavioral health hd 00003

We discuss the many types of motivational interviewing and how to apply them to the treatment of all patients. We will also discuss some of the more common traps that we fall into when we are talking with patients.

Thumb 65 t9v1 marijuana overview hd 1 00003

We will discuss the role of marijuana in addiction and touch on some of the medicinal uses and data surrounding its use. We will discuss it effects on the adolescent brain and how that can lead to long term negative implications.

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Thumb 57 t6v5 naltrexone mat tobin early adult hd 00003

We will cover how to transition Tobin to both oral naltrexone and depo-naltrexone. We will then discuss how to maintaining Tobin on this medication including evaluation for co-occurring disorder like anxiety and depression.

Thumb 56 av23 kayla overview late adult 00003

In this lecture we discuss the progression of Kayla's illnesses and how if left untreated through adolescence and early adulthood they can become more refractory to treatment and require a different approach.

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Thumb 55 av22 kayla overview early adult 00003

This lecture focuses on discussing Kayla in the early adult life stage. We discuss how missing early diagnosis can manifest in more severe disorders, how treating Kayla during her pregnancy will differ from her adolescent stage, and how trauma has affected her at this life stage.

Thumb 54 av21 kayla overview adolescent 1 00003

In this lecture we describe Kayla's adolescence, including her substance use, family dynamics and mental health. We discuss what we should have done as providers and care givers to prevent the worsening of these illness's

Thumb 52 t3v6 opioid intox kayla late adult 00003

We discuss how as Kalya advances to late adulthood, the presentation of opioid intoxication changes.

Thumb 41 t9v8 mj kayla adolescence detox hd 00003

We will discuss what withdrawal from marijuana looks like in Kayla as an adolecent

Thumb 50 t5v15 mat meth detox late hd 00003

We will cover how to wean Tobin off of methadone in his late adult stage. We will discuss withdrawal management if you need to rapidly wean Tobin, including medications and approaches.

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Thumb 48 t5v14 methadone behavioral health tobin early adult 00003

We will discuss the best approaches to behavioral therapy for Tobin while in a methadone clinic.

Thumb 46 t5v13 methadone treatment tobin early adult hd 00003

In this lecture we will discuss the the data, science and math concerning the use of methadone in a general sense and for Tobin in his early adult stage. We will discuss the population health benefits and the reason that methadone is a good choice for many people with severe opioid use disorders.

Thumb 44 t6v8 naltrexone mat tretment kayla late adult hd 00003

This lecture covers when and how to use naltrexone in Kayla during her late adult stage.

Thumb 42 t9v7 mj kayla adolesence intox hd 00003

We will cover how Kayla would appear if she was intoxicated while an adolescent.

Thumb 39 t5v8 mat methadone treatment early adult 00003

We will discuss how methadone can be used to stabilize Kayla in her early adult stage and while she is pregnant. We will discuss dosing as well as birth planning.

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Thumb 37 t4v5 mat bup treatment 00003

An overview of the medication assisted treatment path for buprenorphine.