Helping Communities Improve Care for People with Complex Health and Social Needs

An online educational platform to spark and grow a movement where authentic healing relationships are at the heart of healthcare.

This online platform is YOUR place to learn, develop, educate, and assist in growing this movement. There are several components.

First, tell us what good work you are doing. In tandem with the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, an Initiative of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, invites you to send your videos to for inclusion on our website. It is easy to create videos. See our toolkit.

Additionally, follow an archetype throughout their lifetime. During this exercise, you will identify where changes could have impacted the person, understand different treatment modules, summarize some medical awareness, and determine better courses of treatment.

Also, we encourage you to submit a narrative, video, or voice over on a case that is particularly difficult. See our toolkit.

Finally, review our technical assistance modules that explore how to do technical assistance for programs that serve patients with complex health and social needs.

Learn about our Archetypes

Reference detailed archetypes that personify, individualize, and differentiate common characteristics of HMAedu patients.

  • Addiction
  • Behavioral Therapies
  • Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Pain
  • Treatment Systems Development


Immerse yourself in an in-depth review of the chronic neurological disorder of drug addiction, how to screen for it, the related pathophysiology. Also explore options for withdrawal management, treatment, and behavioral health intervention.

View Addiction Courses

Behavioral Therapies

With complex care patients the only way to change medical outcomes is often to change behaviors first. Discover how to correctly identify dysfunctional behaviors, root causes, and the most effective therapeutic interventions.

View Behavioral Therapies Courses

Co-Occurring Disorders

Addictive disorders and chronic pain syndrome are often concurrent with psychiatric disorders as well. This learning path will better equip you to accurately diagnose and apply the latest, most effective behavioral and medication-based therapies.

View Co-Occurring Disorders Courses


Gain in-depth knowledge of the cause-and-effect of chronic pain syndromes, along with the resources necessary build a sound, evidence-based approach to reducing disability and improving the patient’s ability to function.

View Pain Courses

Treatment Systems Development

Explore critical issues related to developing and improving healthcare resources for patients with addiction, pain, and co-occurring disorders. Learn more about workflow, payment models, workforce development, and how they apply to patients with complex needs.

View Treatment Systems Development Courses
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