Alcohol and stimulant use disorders

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This course identifies alcohol and stimulant use in the body. After this course, the learner will: 1. Understand alcohol's affect on the body. 2. Identify at least one screening tool for alcohol use disorder. 3. Identify who is at risk for using a stimulant. 4. Give an example of how stimulant intoxication. Running time: 53:48

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Lecture: Alcohol: Overview

Alcohol Overview


Cocaine and Stimulants Oveview

This lecture delves into the pathophysiology, withdrawal management, medication assisted treatment and behavioral therapies associated with stimulant use disorders.


Cocaine and Stimulants Overview Slide Deck

Slide deck to accompany Cocaine and Stimulants Overview lecture


Stimulants Intoxication Early Adult - Kayla

Overview of the effects of amphetamines or other stimulants on Kayla as an early adult.


Stimulants Intoxication Early Adult Kayla Slide Deck

Slide deck intended to support the stimulants intoxication lecture.



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