Thumb 115 t6v2 vivitrol pathophysiology 00003

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Vivitrol Pathophysiology

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Thumb 114 t5v19 mat  methadone   neonatal abstinence hd 00003

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Methadone Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Late Adult - Kayla

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Thumb 113 t5v18 mat methadone bh kayla la 00003

We will discuss the best approach to the behavioral therapeutic treatment for Kayla in her late adult while she is being treated with methadone for her opioid use disorder.

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Thumb 112 t5v17 tobin mat methlate adult hd 00003

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Methadone Late Adult - Tobin

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Thumb 111 t5v10 methadone behavioral health 00003

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Methadone Behavioral Health

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Thumb 110 t4v13 add bup induction tobin ea 00003

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Buprenorphine Induction Early Adult - Tobin

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Thumb 109 t4v12 add bup bh tobin ea 00003

Buprenorphine Behavioral Health Early Adult - Tobin

Thumb 108 t3v13   addiction   opioids   behavioral health   kayla   early adult 00003

Opioid Behavioral Health Early Adult - Kayla

Thumb 107 t3v9 opioid detox kayla late adult 00003

Discussion of changes in detoxification management for Kayla as she progresses to late adulthood.

Thumb 105 t3v5 opioid intox kayla early adult 00003

A quick description of what Kayla, in her early adult stage, would look like if she was intoxicated on amphetamine or other stimulants

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Thumb 104 t3v4 opioid intox kayla adolescent 1 00003

Opioid Intoxication Adolescent - Kayla

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Thumb 103 t2v1 alcohol intro 00003

In this lecture we will discuss the pathophysiology, Intoxication, withdrawal management, medication assisted treatment and behavioral health interventions related to alcohol use disorder.

Thumb 73 t1v6 dsm v kayla late 00003

Application of DSM-V criteria following Kayla into late adulthood and discussing challenges as her condition reaches greater complexity.

Thumb 101 t1v7 asam definition 00003

ASAM Diagnosis of Addiction

Thumb 93 t9v19 marijuana kayla late adult detox hd 00003

We discuss the issues that will arise with Kayla in her late adult stage when she tries to stop marijuana.

Thumb 92 t9v18 marijuana kayla late adult intox hd 00003

We discuss how marijuana effects Kayla in her late adult stage

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Thumb 91 t9v15mj kayla early adult neonatal hd 00003

We discuss the implications of marijuana on Neonatal abstinence syndrome

Thumb 90 t9v11 mj kayla early adult intox hd 00003

We discuss how Kayla would be effected by marijuana in er early adult stage of life